Experience the Beauty of Konso Korebta Lodge!

Konso Korebta Lodge–is built in south west Ethiopia, located in Konso sub district, the 9th site of Ethiopian natural and cultural Heritage in the capital of the sub district– Karat.

This traditional and cultural lodge is built mainly from local materials such as attractive volcanic stones and consists of restaurant– bar including 10 grass roofed huts with 20 rooms. Of the 20 rooms—2 are singles, 6 are doubles and 12 are twins in which we accommodated 38 clients every night.


What do you want to do?

  • Culturally Furnished Rooms
  • Local Safari
  • Exclusive Cuisines
  • Experience Cultures
  • Calm Holiday
  • Trekking
  • Shopping
  • Mountain Biking
  • Sightseeing

We have it all! Come and experience our spectacular hospitality offerings and you will likely come again!

Peace of Mind & Royal Comfort

Airport Shuttle Service

We have a dedicated and safe airport shuttle service from Arba Minch Airport to our Lodge.

Complementary Breakfast

We always provide complementary free and delicious breakfast for our guests at their convenient.

International Cuisine

Our cuisine have an international taste. Our experienced and talented chefs knows how to satisfy your needs.

Amazing Room Service

Our rooms are traditional furnished and equipped-with private and shared facilities for your comfort.

24/7 Coffee Shop

We have 24/7 original Ethiopian coffee services with all its traditional ceremonies and more.

Rent a Car Facility

You can rent our well-maintained and insured cars with experienced and well-trained drivers.

When planned to build the lodge, we decided to follow the following principles:

Eco-Friendly Steps that would lead us to Green Marketing by avoiding environmental problems—Konso consists of hill land feature which led the community to apply terracing farming that made the people known worldwide. During construction we obliged to ourselves to minimize the distraction of our site’s natural beauty. Though we selected a hill land to locate Konso Korebta Lodge and gain the panoramic view of the environment and assuming more attracts our clients. We showed maximum effort to avid distraction of nature and acted in a way we leave nature as just it is and to live with. In doing so we left endogenous trees alive and planted additional trees most of them edible. That is why our compound remains green. Hopefully, any visitor can observe this objective.

Community based development—it is real that any hospitality company should determine the needs, wants and interest of target market—clients and delivers the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently. When improving its service in a way of improving the consumers’ needs the hospitality center should give attention to society’s well-being. In this connection Konso Korebta Lodge:

  • Avoids environmental problems affecting resources,
  • Gives attention to society’s interest, and finally,
  • Serves and satisfies clients of individuals or groups interests and
  • Always doing what is best for consumers and society in the long-run in a way of avoiding possible conflicts between short-run consumers’ wants and long-run social need, meaning to keep public interest that will benefit society over the long term. Through GREEN MARKETING we practice more of environmentally sound packaging.
  • We consider the impact of disposal of waste products on the environment,
  • We apply water saving principles, eco-friendly steps; keep beauty of landscape and activities those results in positive impact on local residence.

We apply inside-out and outside-in perspectives of marketing, meaning, in marketing our service products we put in the first line principles of External and Internal Marketing to be effective.

External Marketing—focusing on guests to satisfy their wants, needs and to fulfill their interest, wellbeing and to listen to their words like ‘we have enjoyed your service and we will come again’ since this newly built lodge is where the genuine care and comfort of our guest is our highest mission. We pledge to provide the finest personal services and facilitate to clients who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambiance. We mostly experience enlivens the senses, instills wellbeing and fulfill even unexpressed wishes and needs of our visitors.
Internal Marketing—satisfying employees who serve our guests. All departments of the lodge are involved in satisfying the customer. In recurring service giving employees we apply the marketing concept philosophy, one that is rapidly adopted in the Hospitality Industry.
The quality of service is in the hands of the service workers who produce and deliver it. It therefore, should be where clients are provided with genuine care, comfort and facilities by our employees.
To supply such important things to our clients we hire:


  • People who love tourism industry, overall their profession and are willing to take care of people,
  • Who understand–taking care of clients is like taking care of children
  • Friendly and capable employees—who greet guests warmly and sincerely using guest’s name when possible, and who apply words like Good Morning or Good Evening but not HI, when asked to do something to reply by saying certainly, I will be happy to, my pleasure and the like.
  • Those who do anything more than enough to please customers and in general those who accept as Service is not surveillance, and those who consider–they serve but they are not servants.