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When you come to our hospitality center, you will experience dependable and complete hospitality services. From traditional furnished rooms to our top-notch tour guiding services – you have it all!

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We are known as a provider of high-quality and state-of-the-art hospitality services that give the best value for our guests money. For every penny you spend in our hospitality center, there is more we offer!

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We have a trained and well-informed 24/7 help desk support services from your comfort. You just call us or drop some messages – we will respond promptly. Get in touch with us and we always available.

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We Have the best and full hospitality center

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We know Konso’s environment, people and culture well; and we can help our guests to explore what Konso can offer.

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ife is an adventure that needs to be lived to the utmost. Travel far and wide not to escape life but to live it in all its glory…Travel is more than sightseeing. It is a transformation that goes deep and permanent in your very ideas of life!

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You have come to a long way to Konso and we are here to give you the best experience you deserve. Get in touch with us and let the rest be your unforgettable memory at Konso.

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